The Bliss Not the Burdens of Being a Working Mom

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I can help you, your company, association or group, learn how to keep your cool while doing it

ALL as a working MOM.

For Working Moms

It’s all about a change in mindset.

Talk Topics:

Shame and Guilt of Being A Working Mom

The shame and guilt for working moms is very real and really painful. It is wholly unexpected. 

Mental Health and Mental Strength

Changing your mindset is the first and most important thing a working mom can do in order to succeed in the conference room and in the living room. 

Work Life Chaos

The trick to doing it all and doing it all with joy is to learn when to do what. It takes discipine and boundaries but it is very doable. 

You Matter

Being a little selfish has never been so needed as it is by working moms. If you don’t take care of you, then someone else will have to take care of your family!


Lois Hollis- RN BSN REV

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have found Pauliana to have a dedicated spirit wanting to give the truth that helps all of us mothers to successfully juggle kids and work. Having lived what she teaches, Pauliana comes up with some great tips to help us along the way 

Erin Lawler Patterson- The Goodness Chic

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pauliana is a powerhouse using her passion, personal and professional expertise to empower and 

inspire her fellow women. It was truly a privilege having her as a guest on The Goodness Chick 

Podcast & connecting with someone with her energy and heart leaves you feeling refreshed and encouraged


Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was such a joy to interview Pauliana on my podcast Memoirs of Successful Women. Pauliana inspired a global audience of women juggling motherhood and career growth to create a life they truly love by learning how to balance their time, energy and focus.

By sharing aspects of her own stressful journey to become a top attorney while navigating real life challenges that come with being a working mom, Pauliana revealed how women can have it all by learning how to measure their own success, joy and happiness.

Leighanne Turner- Leighanne’s Voices

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pauliana is a modern day superhero I must say. We had a great conversation about her life covering her amazing career, being a great mum and her passion to help empower women to achieve their best in life is so inspiring. 

I love the practical example she gave of using the time that you have to start a business s right where you are. If it means one hour before the children get up or lunchtimes to check business emails etc.  Pauliana gave the real walking example that even women with busy lives can lead an amazing business.  It was a fun, engaging chat with a friend and I felt like we were at the coffee shop for a catch up with a friend